How to Install Halo Eyeball Recessed Lighting

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Halo produces a range of recessed lighting solutions that use an eyeball trim. This trim has a swiveling unit that can be adjusted to shine light on different spots of a room. It installs on Halo recessed lighting fixtures that have the right specs. For example, a 3-inch recessed fixture uses a 3-inch eyeball trim. The main difference in fixtures is between remodeling in existing ceilings and new construction, where the ceiling doesn't yet exist. For either case, installing the eyeball light requires the same process.


Step 1

Look inside the recessed housing and note the wing nut holding the mounting plate that has the socket attached to it. Unscrew the wing nut by turning counterclockwise.

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Step 2

Pull down the socket assembly by the bracket and depress the black tabs of the socket to remove the plate cinching the socket.


Step 3

Insert the socket into the rear of the eyeball trim by depressing the black tabs on the socket as you slide it into place. Listen for a clicking sound, indicating the socket is secure in the trim.

Step 4

Note the two spring clips on the side of the eyeball trim. Squeeze the two ends of each spring clip toward each other and slide them into the guides on the inside of the recessed lighting housing. Push the eyeball trim into the recessed housing until it is flush with the ceiling.


Remember to add a gasket between the ceiling and the trim flange if you're installing an airtight eyeball trim.



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