Homax Texture Gun Instructions

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Popcorn ceiling texture will improve the acoustics of a room.

The Homax spray texture gun is a handy tool to create professional looking spray texture on your walls and ceilings. It will allow you to spray a variety of textures including orange peel, popcorn and knock down. The Homax uses compressed air to force the texture material through a nozzle that can be adjusted to the spray pattern of your choice. Homax also makes the bottles of texture material to be used with the gun. These bottles snap directly to the top of the sprayer, saving you from having to premix your own texture spray.


Step 1

Shake the bottle of texture. This will loosen and mix the contents from their settled state.

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Step 2

Open the air release cap on the bottle of texture. This is the smaller cap next to the large lid on the top of your bottle. The texture material will not flow into the spray gun properly if the release cap is not open during use.


Step 3

Remove the large lid from the top of your bottle of texture.

Step 4

Hold the Homax spray gun upside down and snap it on to the opening of the texture bottle.

Step 5

Twist the Homax gun until the bottle lock goes through the locking slot on top of the bottle.


Step 6

Choose your spray pattern by adjusting the nozzle plate for individual splatter and the volume control to raise or lower the amount of texture flow.

Step 7

Connect your air hose to the gun by pulling the hose sleeve and inserting the pin on the bottom of the gun. Release the sleeve when the pin is fully inserted.


Step 8

Turn on your air compressor.

Step 9

Set your air compressor between 25 and 35 pounds per square inch. Allow your compressor to reach this setting before beginning.

Step 10

Hold the texture bottle with one hand and the Homax spray gun with the other. The bottle should now be upside down, allowing it to feed the material directly into the gun.

Step 11

Spray texture by squeezing the gun's trigger. Stand three to four feet from the surface that you are spraying.


Test your spray pattern on scrap drywall or wood before applying.

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