How to Use a Wet Grinder

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A wet grinder can crush different grains together into a paste.

Any grinder that can operate on a mixture that includes water is called a wet grinder. Wet grinders have numerous uses in construction and industry, but they are also frequently used in kitchens. Wet grinders are very popular in Indian kitchens and are used to make pastes from grains and lentils. Wet grinders are advantageous over mixers or blenders because the stone grinder does not generate a lot of heat, which can change the flavor of the food.


Step 1

Place the drum on the center rod of the wet grinder. Rotate the drum until it clicks into place. Place the roller mechanism into the drum.

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Step 2

Close the lid and press down to lock it into place.

Step 3

Open the lid cover over the drum and pour in a cup of water.

Step 4

Turn the unit on and wait until the grinding stones pick up speed.

Step 5

Add the ingredients to the wet grinder through the open lid. Add the items in small quantities and add water to keep the mixture moist. Continue to add the ingredients until the mixture reaches the consistency that you are looking for.


Step 6

Turn the unit off and press the release lock to free the arm. Pull up to remove the roller mechanism from the drum.

Step 7

Place the batter cleanser over the drum and place the roller mechanism on top of the batter cleanser. Manually rotate the stones to remove the batter from them and let it drop down into the mixture.


Step 8

Remove the roller mechanism and the batter cleanser. Remove the drum from the wet grinder to pour out the mixture. Excess mixture can be stored in the drum, if needed.

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