How to Design a Great Looking Travel Office

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Travel offices need to be engaging, warm and inspirational. Whether you're a travel agent or a university's study abroad director, a drab office won't lure travelers in or get them thinking about adventure. Because the world is a beautiful place and there are so many opportunities and locations that can make any traveler dream, the travel office should reflect those same ideas. There are a few small things you can do to make big changes in your travel office.


Travel offices should be inviting and trustworthy.

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Things You'll Need

  • Art

  • Paint

  • Posters

  • Modern Furniture

Step 1

Modernize your look.

Make sure your space is modernized, clean and inviting. A dull room with an old rug or ripped chairs won't be conducive to a trusting customer. Customers pay travel agents and companies a great deal of money to book a great trip for them. Because of this, the travel office should reflect the company's desire to be the best. The office should be updated with clean or shiny floors, fresh walls and modernized furniture. According to Executive Travel Magazine, offices should be modernized, sleek and up-to-date.


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Step 2

Splash the room with some natural color.

Paint the walls in colors that invoke the spirit of travel. Color the office in light blue, desert-inspired yellow or summery green. These are the colors of the outdoor world. According to HGTV, an accent wall is a great way to make a room look fresh and unique. A travel office may contain, for example, three white or light blue walls and a fourth wall painted in a wild, bright color. This gives the room a sense of creativity and highlight's the travel agency's adventurous nature–and travel is all about adventure.


Step 3

Hang some well-done travel art on your walls.

Buy some travel art. It is essential to place photos and images on your walls. This will inspire the traveler to think about locations they may want to visit. For a modern look, buy three large frames and place photos of different countries within them. Stray from photos of airplanes or generic travel symbols and utilize rich, colorful images from around the world. Place these photos about a foot apart on a large wall to create a wall of images. Don't clutter all of the walls with posters, but hang enough so that the space is inviting and lively. These may be placed on your accent wall, if possible. Visit the websites Travel Art or All Posters for travel pictures (see References).


Step 4

Find some hand-crafted art to place around the office.

Purchase interesting pieces of art that can be sprinkled around the office. Look for an interesting globe or a colorful world map. Visit local cultural shops or fairs to find unique touches for your office. For example, you can sprinkle some Mexican pottery on the desks or add some small carvings of the Egyptian pyramids. These touches will bring your office to life and show your customer you truly care about travel.


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