How to Use a Pillar Drill Safely

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A pillar drill is a tool similar to the bench drill. You can use both machines to create holes in materials. While you can fix the bench drill to a tabletop or bench, the pillar drill is larger, and you need to operate it on the floor. Use the pillar drill to drill holes in larger surfaces. This machine comes with several safety devices already attached. You can add other safety devices, depending on the material you are drilling. However, there are additional steps you must take to ensure that you, the machine, and others around, are not harmed in any way.


Safety goggles are a must when using the pillar drill.

Things You'll Need

  • Work Gloves

  • Safety Goggles

  • User Manual

Step 1

Read the entire instruction manual, and make sure you understand all the instructions. Familiarize yourself with the machine before you actually use it. This will help you get your job done efficiently, and it will prevent any potential disasters from occurring.


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Step 2

Ensure the material on which you are using the pillar drill is suited for the machine. Make sure you are using the right drill bit recommended for the material.

Step 3

Note the position of the emergency stop button before you begin your job. Use this button if there is an urgent need for you to turn off the machine.


Step 4

Make sure you remove the chuck key, if there is one, before turning on the pillar drill. This key will come flying out and possibly cause serious harm if you do not remove it.

Step 5

Make sure the drill guard is in place. This is a plastic safety guard that will protect you from flying debris when you are drilling. It also prevents debris from hitting anyone in the vicinity.


Step 6

Put on your safety goggles before you begin to drill. If you cannot find any, make the effort to get yourself a pair. Do not begin work without them.

Step 7

Use the pulleys on the pillar drill sides to give you the right speed for each of the materials you are drilling. This will give you accuracy on the job as well as prevent any accidents.


Step 8

Take your time when working on a project that requires you use a pillar drill. Never hurry through it. A rush job can result in your making a mistake and having to begin all over again with fresh material. Rushing can also be a safety hazard.

Step 9

Protect your hands with work gloves when you remove drill bits. Drill bits become extremely hot when in use.


Step 10

Unplug the machine and keep children from it when you have finished the job. When the drill is cool, approximately an hour after you have unplugged it, clean away any debris or dirt that may have gathered on it.


Ensure that only one person is handling the job on the pillar drill. Having another person to assist can prove dangerous.


Never have anything on your person that dangles in front of or around the drill when you are working.

Never substitute drill bits when using a pillar drill. Some projects will require a drill bit that may not be part of your kit. Wait until you get the right one before proceeding.



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