How to Remove Storm Window Frames

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Things You'll Need

  • Power drill

  • Screw-removal tool

  • Hammer

Storm windows are glass and mesh screens that are installed in front of the existing windows on the exterior of your home. They are meant to keep out rain, snow and bugs during the seasons when these elements become problems. If you want to take your storm window frames out of your house, you will have to work from both the inside and the outside. Once the frames are removed, you can either replace the storm windows with new ones or install a completely different type of treatment to the house.


Step 1

Locate the sashes of the storm windows from inside the house. These are the screens that slide up and down behind the glass of the regular window.

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Step 2

Pull the clips on the bottom edge of the storm window in toward the center of the screen.

Step 3

Tug the screens out of the window while holding the clips in the pulled-out position.

Step 4

Go outside the house and find the screws holding the frame in place.

Step 5

Remove each screw that is holding the frame to the house with a power drill. If the screws are painted over, use a screw-removal tool, such as a Grabit, to drill through the paint and remove the screw from the house.


Step 6

Force the frame away from the house by banging it from the inside of the house with a hammer.

Step 7

Pull the frame so it separates completely from the window. If the frame is stuck at any point, use the back of the hammer to pry it off.


You can use a screwdriver to remove unpainted screws if you don’t have a power drill.


Do not remove storm windows during inclement weather unless you replace them with something suitable.


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