How to Make a Paper Wig

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic shopping bag

  • Scissors

  • Cabbage

  • Masking tape

  • Newspaper

  • Double-sided tape

Whether you are making your own Halloween costume, or dressing up for the big game, a homemade paper wig can add a personalized touch to your costume. By painting the paper hair, or using colored ribbons instead of paper strips, you can match your paper wig to any outfit. The first thing you need when creating a wig is a round object to use as a head form, we use a cabbage but you can find something else. Just make sure that the head form you use is approximately the same size as the head the wig needs to fit on.


Step 1

Cut the handles off of a plastic shopping bag.

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Step 2

Cut the plastic bag until one sheet of plastic remains.

Step 3

Lay the sheet of plastic over a cabbage.


Step 4

Put overlapping strips of masking tape over the sheet of plastic to create the shape of a skull cap.

Step 5

Apply 3 more layers of masking tape to create a rigid base for your paper wig.


Step 6

Trim the surplus plastic around the edges of the masking tape.

Step 7

Apply a layer of masking tape around the edges and on the inside of the skull cap wig base.

Step 8

Cut ½ inch strips of newspaper to use as hair.


Step 9

Drag the closed blade of a pair of scissors across the strips of newspaper to curl the paper hair.

Step 10

Apply 5 inch strips of double sided tape to the bottom edge of the wig base skull cap.


Step 11

Place the cut and curled paper hair pieces on the double sided tape.

Step 12

Continue adding double-sided tape and cut and curled paper hair strips to the skull cap, working your way towards the top of the cap, until the wig is completed.


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