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Use Brillo pads to clean inside and outside a home.
Use Brillo pads to clean inside and outside a home. (Image: Woman cleaning the house. image by maron from

The Brillo pads of yesteryear provided a homemaker with a tough and effective scouring tool for cleaning household surfaces. While Brillo pads continue to provide this effective cleaning power, the pads can clean many more surfaces now too, including kitchen, bathroom, basement and outdoor surfaces. Use Brillo pads with a special design to prevent scratching surfaces or use the steel wool Brillo pads to scour stubborn messes on tough surfaces.

Things You'll Need

  • Brillo steel wool pads
  • Hose
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Brillo Scratchless pads
  • Dish washing detergent

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Brillo Steel Wool Pads

Moisten a steel wool pad with enough water to activate the cleaning soap in the steel wool pad.

Rub the steel wool pad firmly against the surface you wish to clean, such as stainless steel cookware, grill grates, tires, outdoor furniture and many other outdoor surfaces. Continue rubbing at the surface until you loosen the food, dirt, grime or rust from the surfaces.

Rinse the surface with plain water to remove the dirt and the soap. For outside cleaning, spray the surface with a hose for easy rinsing. For inside cleaning, fill a bucket with plain water and saturate a cloth with water to rinse away the dirt and soap.

Brillo Scratchless Pads

Moisten the steel wool pad with water and squeeze it out gently to remove the excess water.

Add a small amount of dish washing detergent to the surface of the pad and squeeze the pad to activate the bubbles.

Rub the Brillo pad firmly against the surface you wish to clean. Use these Brillo pads on almost any household surface, including upholstery, ceramic, chrome, grout, linoleum, plastic, stainless steel, Teflon, tile, wood and even clothing. Continue scrubbing until you remove as much soiling as possible.

Rinse the surface with plain water. Use a hose for rinsing outside or fill a bucket with plain water and use a cleaning cloth to rinse the soap and dirt away.

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