Washing Fleece Fabric Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Laundry detergent

  • Clothes line (optional)

  • Clothes pins (optional)

Washing fleece fabric will keep it clean and soft.

Polar fleece provides such warmth and coziness that you will find many items made with this warm synthetic fabric. From clothing to outerwear to blankets, fleece keeps you warm with its ultra-thick softness. Because fleece is made of synthetic materials, washing and drying this fabric is a simple process that you can accomplish easily. Keep your fleece looking bright and feeling soft by laundering it whenever necessary to ensure that your fleece lasts for years.


Step 1

Turn any fleece garments inside-out before washing. Place the fleece items in the washing machine, filling the machine approximately half-full.

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Step 2

Set the water temperature to cold and add an appropriate amount of laundry detergent to the machine. Set the machine to a standard wash cycle and turn it on. Allow the machine to progress through the entire cycle.


Step 3

Remove the fleece items from the washing machine after the cycle finishes. Dry the fleece items on a clothes line or in a dryer. If you use a clothes dryer, use an air cycle without heat. Heat may damage the fleece fibers.

Step 4

Remove the fleece items from the clothes line or the dryer promptly when they dry.


Never add chlorine bleach to a fleece wash load and do not wash fleece in hot water or you risk damaging the fleece fibers. Do not iron fleece because you risk melting the fibers.


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