How to Wash Professional Dry Clean Only Suits at Home

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Dry clean your suit on home when short on time.

A lot of our more formal attire is usually dry clean only. Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning fabrics with a solvent other than water, according to When you need a suit or other formal garment cleaned in a pinch, taking the item to the dry cleaners is not always an option. For times like these, at-home dry cleaning kits have been made available to consumers. The kits make it extremely simple to clean your dry clean only attire without the headache or expense of a dry cleaning shop.


Step 1

Purchase an at-home dry cleaning kit from your local supermarket, pharmacy or home goods store. Dryel and Dry Cleaner's Secret are two of the more popular offerings. Included in the kits are spot treatment liquid, a garment bag and the dry cleaning cloth (that contain the solvents).

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Step 2

Use the spot treatment liquid to dab any noticeable stains. The dry cleaning kits will often come with a special pad to put underneath the stain to catch the spot treatment liquid as it seeps through the fabric.


Step 3

Place the suits into the garment bag. See instructions for exact specifications, but you should not put more than four items in one bag.

Step 4

Place the dry cleaning cloth into the bag.


Step 5

Place the bag in the dryer. Using a medium to high temperature, set the dryer for 30 minutes. Again, follow the exact specifications included with the kit.

Step 6

Remove the bag from the dryer when the time is up. Remove the suits from the garment bag and hang them. You can save the garment bag for additional use, but through out the dry cleaning cloth.



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