Do-It-Yourself Metal Wire Garden Spheres

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Things You'll Need

  • Helium balloons

  • 18-gauge galvanized steel wire

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Wire cutters

  • Needle

  • Newspaper (optional)

  • Aerosol paint primer (optional)

  • Aerosol outdoor paint (optional)

  • Twine (optional)

Garden spheres in different sizes add a touch of whimsy to a garden area or sitting area to make a focal point in your landscape design. This do-it-yourself project is inexpensive and uses metal wire to form the sphere frame. Making various sizes of garden spheres and painting them in an array of colors allows you to make accents that are truly your own.


Step 1

Blow up helium balloons into a variety of sizes by inflating some entirely and others partially. Tie a knot in the open end of each balloon to retain the air inside.

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Step 2

Pull the loose end of 18-gauge galvanized steel wire from a roll and use needle-nose pliers to bend the end into a hook. Place the hook on the top of the balloon's knot.

Step 3

Wrap the wire to the bottom of the balloon, shaping it around the circumference of the balloon. Wrap the wire upward around the balloon, making the two wires about 1/2 inch apart and back down. Continue wrapping wire and shaping it around the balloon until you cover it with wires about 1/2 inches apart in all directions.


Step 4

Cut the wire with wire cutters after making the last wrap and ending it at the top of the hook on the first wire wrap. Bend a hook into the cut piece of wire, connect the two hooks together and squeeze them together tightly with needle-nose pliers.

Step 5

Prick the balloon between the wires with a needle to break it. Pull the broken balloon from between the wires with needle-nose pliers.


Step 6

Lay a thick layer of newspaper on the ground outside. Place your garden spheres on the newspaper, spray them with aerosol paint primer, allow it to dry and then add aerosol outdoor paint to them for a brightly colored project.

Step 7

Add a length of twine to the top of the spheres to hang them from trees.


Galvanized wire will not rust, so you can leave the garden spheres in the natural bright wire color if you wish.

Garden spheres are decorative when lying singly or in groupings among plants on the ground.

Helium balloons are much thicker than regular balloons and hold air better while shaping the wire around them.


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