How to Craft a Doll Out of Lifesaver Candy

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • 5-inch by 6-inch rectangle of thick cardboard

  • Scissors

  • 2-inch Styrofoam ball

  • Hot glue gun

  • Tube of Lifesavers

  • Craft eyes

  • Red pipe cleaner

Yarn lets you make these dolls in a wide range of colors.
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Lifesavers are a tangy, fruity hard candy that come neatly wrapped in a tube, making them easy to use in craft projects. Making the candy into a doll can make that tube of Lifesavers you slip into a Christmas stocking extra special. Hang your Lifesaver doll as a decoration on a tree or wreath, or attach the doll to a child's birthday gift to give them something a little extra.


Step 1

Wrap the yarn around the shorter side of the rectangle 40 times, then cut the yarn to form a ball.

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Step 2

Cut a two-inch-long piece of yarn and tie it around the yarn that's wrapped around the cardboard to bunch the yarn together.


Step 3

Slide the yarn off the cardboard and hold the piece of yarn tied around the bunch in one hand. With the other hand, cut through the bunch of yarn opposite the tie.

Step 4

Lay out the yarn bunch in a straight line so that the tie is in the middle of the line. Tie a two-inch piece of yarn around each end of the bunch about half an inch from the very end.


Step 5

Wrap more yarn around the piece of cardboard, this time around the longer side. Wrap the yarn 40 times.

Step 6

Tie a two-inch piece of yarn around the wrapped yarn to bunch it together.

Step 7

Slide the yarn off of the cardboard, holding the tied part in one hand. Cut the bunch in the same manner that you cut the first bunch.


Step 8

Place the bunch of yarn on top of the two-inch Styrofoam ball and spread all the strands out over the top of the ball so that you can gather them together at the bottom of the ball, covering the ball in yarn. Tie another two-inch piece of yarn around the gathered yarn underneath the ball.


Step 9

Split the yarn strands into two equal sections below the Styrofoam ball. Tie two-inch strands of yarn around each end of each bunch about half an inch from the very ends of the bunches.

Step 10

Use a dot of hot glue at one end of the Lifesavers tube to attach the legs you made with the first bunch of yarn, where the yarn is tied around the center of the bunch.


Step 11

Use a dot of hot glue at the other end of the Lifesavers tube to attach the head and arms to the tube where the arms and the head at attached to each other.

Step 12

Add craft eyes with a little bit of hot glue.


Step 13

Cut a 3/4-inch piece of red pipe cleaner and bend it into a half circle.

Step 14

Attach the pipe cleaner smile to your doll's head with a little hot glue.


Try matching the yarn with the flavor of candy such as white with peppermint or red with cherry.


If you are giving this doll to a small child, replace the pipe cleaner smile with a smile drawn with a permanent marker.



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