How to Replace the PTO Drive Belt on a Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench set

  • Cub Cadet drive belt

Replace the PTO drive belt on your Cub Cadet riding mower.

If while mowing with your Cub Cadet riding mower the machine just stops moving, the PTO drive belt has probably broken or is too stretched out. The drive belt is wrapped around the drive pulley, which is bolted to the PTO coming out of the base of the engine. This main drive belt extends around the deck pulleys. Replacing the drive belt takes only a few supplies and can save you a hefty mechanic's fee.


Step 1

Park the Cub Cadet rider on a level spot. Raise the deck height lever all the way up. Put on the parking brake and shut off the mower.

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Step 2

Kneel next to the engine. Unscrew the three belt containment pins next to the drive pulley under the engine. Use the proper-sized wrenches to unscrew the belt containment pins.


Step 3

Slip the belt off of the drive pulley.

Step 4

Set the deck height lever to its lowest setting.

Step 5

Unscrew the three bolts that hold each deck pulley cover on top of the deck with the correct wrenches. Remove the deck pulley covers and slip the drive belt off the two deck pulleys.


Step 6

Slip the new Cub Cadet drive belt around the deck pulleys. Bolt down the deck pulley covers again on top of the deck.

Step 7

Raise the deck height lever to the highest setting. Slip the drive belt around the drive pulley on the PTO. Tighten the three belt containment pins back in next to the drive pulley.


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