How to Remove Old Wallpaper From Cabinets

Wallpaper is a popular material used to breathe life into an empty space. In some circumstances, you may have used wallpaper to cover the sides or interior of your cabinets. If you want to remove this old wallpaper from your cabinets and spruce up the look of your room, you can do so easily with a nontoxic stripping agent. Application is simple, and removal is quick and effective.

Things You'll Need

  • Cloth sheets

  • Wallpaper-scoring tool

  • Nontoxic wallpaper-stripping gel

  • Paintbrush

  • Putty knife

  • Water

  • Dish detergent

  • Sponge

Step 1

Prepare the area around the cabinets by laying down drop cloths to prevent any stripping gel from staining the surfaces below.

Step 2

Score the old wallpaper with the wallpaper-scoring tool. Be careful not to push too forcefully on the scoring tool to avoid damaging the cabinet surface underneath. Scoring the wallpaper surface adds tiny holes in the paper and prepares it for the application of the stripping gel.

Step 3

Paint a thin layer of nontoxic stripping gel on the scored wallpaper. Allow the gel to set for 30 minutes before continuing the project. The tiny holes in the wallpaper surface allow the gel to seep beneath the paper and break apart the bond of the wallpaper glue.

Step 4

Slide a putty knife into the seams of the wallpaper strips and slowly pull the wallpaper from the surface of the cabinet. If you have allowed the gel to break down the wallpaper paste for 30 minutes, the paper should slide off easily.

Step 5

Sponge down the work area by gently scrubbing the cabinets with warm, soapy water. Dispose of the old wallpaper, and collect the drop cloths. Take care not to track paper fragments or stripping gel onto carpets or flooring during cleanup.

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