How to Troubleshoot a Murray Mower That Won't Move

A Murray riding lawn mower cuts grass faster than a push mower. It makes it possible to cut an acre or more of grass in a few hours, instead of making it an all-day chore. Every now and then, a problem will arise. Sometimes your lawn mower may not move. Most of these problems are caused by broken belts or pulleys, which you can fix yourself. Sometimes, it may be a bigger problem, requiring some engine repair.

Things You'll Need

  • New drive belt

  • New pulleys

Step 1

Check the drive belt that is located just above the mower deck. Follow the belt as it wraps around the deck and to pulleys under the engine and the rear tires. Make sure the belt is secured to the pulleys, because if it is not, then the belt (and thus the mower) will not move. If the belt looks broken, replace it.

Step 2

Observe each pulley that connects to the drive belt. If one of the pulleys is cracked or broken off, the belt will not move. There are five pulleys in total. Three will be in the center of the deck, one will be between the rear tires and another underneath the engine.

Step 3

Inspect all four tires for any flats or holes. If the tires will not spin, then the tractor will not move, especially if one or more tires is completely out of air. If any tire seems to be low, pump it up. If it only has a small hole, then use a can of fix-a-flat to repair the tire. If neither of those work, then the tire will have to be replaced.


The mower blades are separate from the drive mechanism and will not stop the mower from moving.

If you have any questions about parts or service, contact Murray at 1-800-528-5087.


Turn the motor off before troubleshooting.

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