How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet With OxiClean

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Things You'll Need

  • Several clean, white rags

  • Bowl

  • Warm water

  • OxiClean

  • Spoon

  • Vacuum cleaner

Treat red wine stains at first sight for best results.

A red wine stain on carpet is a frightening sight. The dark color of red wine makes stain removal seem impossible. OxiClean is effective at removing red wine stains from carpet. OxiClean works by releasing oxygen that targets the stain. Use OxiClean for an eco-friendly way to clean wine-stained carpet


Step 1

Remove as much of the wet wine as possible. Use a clean, white rag to gently blot at the wine stain. Continue blotting, switching to clean portions of the rag frequently, until no more wine transfers from the carpet to the rag.

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Step 2

Use the scoop enclosed with the container of OxiClean to mix up a batch of cleaning solution. Fill a bowl with 16 oz. warm water. Add one-quarter scoop of OxiClean powder to the water. Stir the mixture with a spoon for a few minutes until the powder has completely dissolved.

Step 3

Pour the OxiClean mixture directly onto the stained area of the carpet. Use only enough of the mixture to completely saturate the wine stain.

Step 4

Allow the OxiClean solution to sit on the carpet for five minutes. Blot the wine stain with a clean, white rag to lift the stain from the carpet. Continue blotting, switching to clean portions of the rag frequently, until all of the wine is off of the carpet.


Step 5

Fill a bowl with clean water. Dip a rag into the bowl and wipe the affected area of the carpet to rinse. Rinse out the rag often. Continue rinsing until no traces of the OxiClean solution appear on the carpet.

Step 6

Blot the carpet with clean, dry rags to remove the moisture. Vacuum the carpet once it has dried completely.


Do not use OxiClean on wool carpet.

Always test the OxiClean solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet prior to applying it to a more noticeable area.


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