How to Adjust Nail Depth on an Arrow Et200 Nail Gun

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Things You'll Need

  • Eye protection

  • T25 staples (3/8 inch to 9/16 inch), or

  • T20 staples (5/16 inch to 9/16 inch), or

  • BN1810 nails 5/8 inch

  • Material to be stapled

  • Ruler

Arrow electric staple/nail guns are designed to be long lasting and maintenance free. Aside from keeping the tool clean by wiping it with a clean dry cloth, the only other user required task is to adjust the staple/nail gun in accordance with the staples/nails being used as well as the material being fired into. Adjusting the staple/nail depth depends on several factors, and is a quick and easy adjustment that can be made by all users in under one minute.


Step 1

Choose the correct staple/nail for the task. The thickness of the material being stapled must be greater than the staple/nail length. Hardness of the material must be considered as well; in hard materials, between 3/16 inch to 1/4 inch penetration is sufficient. In soft materials, approximately 3/8 inch will be sufficient.


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Step 2

Put on eye protection. Remove the pusher rod from the machine by twisting the rear catch then sliding the pusher rod out from the magazine (below the electric cord) of the machine. Insert one strip of staples (or nails) into the magazine (place where the pusher rod was located).

Step 3

Replace the pusher rod into the magazine. It will slide freely over the staple strip just inserted. Be sure the rear catch is closed. Plug the machine into an electrical outlet.


Step 4

Press the base of the machine against the material to be stapled. Be sure the contact safety is also firmly in contact with the material to be stapled. When aligned where you want the staple, squeeze the trigger gently (trigger is located midway up the user handle). Move the machine away from the staple just inserted.


Step 5

Measure (or feel with your finger) the distance from the head of the staple to the material being stapled's surface. If this distance is greater than you desired, twist the depth of drive dial clockwise 1 click. The depth of drive dial is located on the top "head" of the machine when the machine is being held in the stapling position. Turning the dial counterclockwise decreases the drive depth.

Step 6

Repeat the stapling/nailing procedure using one staple/nail at a time until the correct penetration depth is achieved.


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