How to Change the Font in a P-Touch

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P-Touch machines allow you to easily print labels. Each machine has a keyboard to type out text, a cartridge to print the label and a display area that allows you to preview your label before you print it. Users can select from multiple tape widths and colors, as well as a variety of borders, frames, text sizes and symbols. You can also choose from several fonts and font sizes. You scroll the available fonts and make your selection by following a simple procedure.


Step 1

Press and hold down the "Code" button. This button is located to the far left of the bottom row.

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Step 2

Click the "1" button to switch to the next available font. The word "Font" should appear above the number one button, which is the first button on the top row.


Step 3

Release the "Code" and "1" button when the desired font is displayed. All text will convert to the desired font.


Changing the point size and width of text alters the appearance of each font.


Be careful not to size font too large for the size of tape you're using.

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