How to Put Ocean Water & Sand in a Mason Jar

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 clean mason jars with a lid for one

  • Scissors

  • Paper towels

  • Plastic funnel

  • Large spoon

You can use a clean mason jar to collect ocean water and sand.

Collecting ocean water and sand from a beach is an enjoyable activity for someone who wants to keep memorabilia from a vacation or visit to the ocean. However, ocean water can be full of debris that will make it cloudy looking when placed in a clean mason jar. You can easily clean the debris from the ocean water and make a lovely souvenir from your day at the beach. Collecting beautiful seashells to add to the mason jar is another way to make this a lovely piece of art to take back home with you.


Step 1

Collect some clean sand from the beach and a few seashells and place them into two small bowls.

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Step 2

Place about an inch of the clean sand into one of the mason jar bottoms and then decorate the top of the sand by tossing in some of your seashells.


Step 3

Cut a paper towel into a circle shape, fold it in half and then fold it in half again. This will make a paper cone shape.

Step 4

Fill the other mason jar about three fourths full of ocean water. Add a few spoonfuls of sand to the water. Stir it with the spoon.


Step 5

Place the plastic funnel over the jar with your sand and seashells in the bottom.

Step 6

Put the cone shape inside the plastic funnel and open it to be able to filter the ocean water.

Step 7

Pour the sand and ocean water mixture into the funnel and cone shape slowly. The sand and paper towel will act as a filter for the ocean water and will remove any debris from it. This will give your ocean water clarity, and it will look more pleasing in the mason jar.

Step 8

Remove the funnel and paper cone once you have enough ocean water in your jar.


Be sure to place the jar in a cardboard box or something else that will prevent it from turning over during your trip home.

This is an interesting way to teach your children about recycling water. It shows them how we get clean drinking water by forcing it through many filtration systems.


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