How to Store Sliced Fresh Mushrooms

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Sliced mushrooms complement many meals.

Mushrooms bring a rich, earthy taste and texture to soups and sauces and complement everything from egg dishes to stir fry. The one thing this versatile little fungus is not good at is staying fresh for a long time once harvested. Consume mushrooms as quickly as possible so they don't wind up in the compost bin. Sliced mushrooms are even more delicate than their whole counterparts, so time is key when storing them. The Mushroom Council recommends storing mushrooms in their original packaging, but that is not always an option.


Step 1

Place the sliced mushrooms in a plain paper sack. Do not use plastic or other airtight containers, as this will cause moisture to condense inside the bag, leading to quick spoilage. Do not fill the bag so full that the sliced mushrooms are packed together.

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Step 2

Store fresh mushrooms in the refrigerator away from a spot where they may be crushed or bruised. Mushrooms are delicate and bruising will hasten the spoiling process.

Step 3

Keep the sliced mushrooms in the refrigerator for approximately three days. Use them as quickly as possible for best results.


If the color begins to darken or the mushrooms become slightly slippery, throw them away.


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