How to Spray Mount a Poster

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Mounting board or foam board (sized to fit the poster)

  • Aerosol adhesive (suitable for your mounting needs)

  • Poster

  • Small weights (optional)

Mounting a poster onto mounting board or a foam board for display has many benefits. Once you affix the poster securely and smoothly, you can display the poster without worry of the poster rolling back up, wrinkling or suffering damage. Using a simple mounting technique, you can quickly mount your poster so that it looks neat and professional on the mounting board for any display purpose. From a teenager's favorite movie poster to a poster illustrating a key concept for a presentation, spray mount any poster to achieve attractive results.


Step 1

Spread the newspapers over a flat work surface to prevent spraying beyond the poster's edges.


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Step 2

Place the mounting board beside the newspapers with the top of the mounting board facing up. Place the poster onto the newspapers with the backside facing up. If the poster wants to roll up, hold it securely with small weights at the corners.


Step 3

Hold the aerosol adhesive spray approximately 8 to 10 inches away from the poster and spray the adhesive evenly over the entire backside surface of the poster. Set the adhesive aside.


Step 4

Lift the poster carefully and flip it over. Position the poster over the mounting board in the position you desire. Align the corners and edges to make sure they are even before proceeding.


Step 5

Place both palms into the center of the poster. Press and move your palms outward toward the edges of the poster to affix the poster smoothly to the mounting board. Move your hands slowly and carefully to ensure you do not create wrinkles or air bubbles. Smooth the entire poster from the center point out to the edges on all sides.


Step 6

Allow the poster to dry on the mounting board, consulting the aerosol adhesive spray label for drying times.


Some aerosol adhesives are not suitable for mounting posters. Consult the label of the adhesive before you use it to make sure the manufacturer recommends its use for mounting posters.


Use the aerosol adhesive in a well-ventilated area (outdoors is best). The fumes from aerosol adhesives are toxic.



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