How to Get Rid of Deer Mice

Things You'll Need

  • Mouse-proof containers

  • Mousetraps

  • Poison

Rid your home of deer mice

Deer mice are common all over the United States and have been identified by public health officials as the primary carriers of the hantavirus, which is transmitted through their feces and urine. The hantavirus is easily fatal to humans and is the main reason that a deer mouse in your home must be eliminated as quickly as possible. Once deer mice are exterminated, prevention must be used to prevent them re-entering your home.

Step 1

Enclose all food items in your home in containers that are made of mouse proof materials, such as glass, metal or thick plastic.

Step 2

Take up any pet food at night and enclose it in a mouse-proof area. Keep counters and sinks free of food or crumbs.

Step 3

Declutter your home as much as possible. Boxes that are stored full of clothes and other items are a breeding ground for deer mice. Move items to thick plastic totes with tight fitting lids.

Step 4

Place poison in areas where mice have been spotted, if possible. Ensure that children or pets are unable to access the poison and keep it away from food and food preparation areas.

Step 5

Set mousetraps behind furniture and in other areas where signs of deer mice have been seen. Check traps often to see if they have caught a mouse or have been tripped and need resetting.

Step 6

Check behind furniture and appliances and in other out of the way places regularly for dead mice if using poison. Most commercial poisons prevent a mouse corpse from producing an odor and make them suffer extreme thirst so they will leave the home to die.


Prevent deer mice from returning to your home by sealing any holes in floors and walls with steel mesh. A mouse can get into even a tiny hole since they possess soft cartilage. Keep grass and other foliage cut back around the home to discourage rodent visitors.