How to Use a Black & Decker Miter Saw

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The Black & Decker miter saw is a great tool to have when you want to make precision angle cuts. You will get better results once you know how to use your miter saw. You should get to know the different parts of your saw prior to cutting a piece of material for the first time. Get familiar with the locking pin, the saw handle and miter adjustment. Always allow the miter saw to do the work and do not attempt to force the saw through material. Once you've use your miter saw a few times, you should will be cutting angles like a pro.


Step 1

Place the miter saw on a flat surface and place the material you plan to cut nearby. Do not plug the power cord into the wall outlet until you set up the material on the saw deck.

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Step 2

Grab the saw handle with one hand, pushing the saw against the work surface with one hand. Pull out the retaining lock pin between the saw deck and the saw with your other hand. Without letting go of the saw handle, slowly allow the handle to raise. When the saw reaches the fully up position, you can let go of the saw handle. The saw is spring-loaded, and if you let go prior to the saw being fully open, the saw will rapidly open and could damage the saw.

Step 3

Place the material you are cutting against the back guide of the saw deck. The guide is the stationary angle on the rear of the saw deck.

Step 4

Grab the miter handle with your hand and press down on the miter latch with your thumb to change the angle of the cut if necessary. Use the scale on the deck as a guide. When you have the angle you want, release the latch and twist the end of the miter clockwise one turn.


Step 5

Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet. Position one hand away from the saw blade and hold the material securely. Grab the saw handle with your other hand and press the start trigger.

Step 6

Slowly lower the saw over the material and cut through the material. Do not force the saw blade, but allow the saw blade to cut with little pressure from you.


Step 7

Let go of the start trigger when the material is cut. Allow the saw to slowly raise to the fully open position. Unplug the miter saw from the electrical outlet.


There are clamps and other accessories available at home improvement centers and Black & Decker authorized dealers that will enhance the functions of your miter saw.


Always unplug the miter saw before adjusting the deck or moving material.

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