How to Make Simple Balloon Decorations

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Things You'll Need

  • Balloons

  • Ribbon

  • Baskets

  • Arch

  • Weights

  • Metal poles

  • Tulle

  • White Christmas tree lights

Balloon colums are only one type of decoration suitable for parties.

With the number of shapes, colors and sizes of balloons, it's not surprising that they are a go-to decoration for many. Whether you're decorating for a birthday party, anniversary party, retirement party or even a wedding, you'll find designs and decorating tips that work for your party. Inflate the balloons with helium to get the balloons rising toward the ceiling, and use small pieces of ribbon in a coordinating color to tether them down. Use the inflated balloons as centerpieces, arches or anything else you like.


Step 1

Make your own balloon centerpiece by using five balloons inflated with helium. Tie ribbon around the bottom of the balloons and then tie each one to a small basket. Add more contrast and interest by making each balloon a different height and then curling the ends of the ribbons.

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Step 2

Build a balloon arch at the entrance to your party. Party supply stores sell pre-made arches, and some shops also rent out the arches. Set the arch near the front entrance to the party and attach balloons to each of the steps or levels on the arch. Use balloons that coordinate with the rest of your decorations.


Step 3

Highlight a cake or buffet table by decorating with balloons. Use balloon weights or make your own by wrapping heavy paperweights in metallic paper. Tie a balloon to each weight and set behind your cake or food on the table. Try using balloons with longer and shorter ribbons to make an arch-style setting.


Step 4

Create a balloon arch that sits at the end of a table. Set a metal pole at the end of each table such as a tent pole with a base. Inflate smaller balloons and group them together in sets of three. Then attach the balloons around the pole, alternating between different colors. Attach the balloons on an angle, which creates a more interesting look.


Step 5

Cover a ceiling with a design that uses balloons, tulle and white Christmas tree lights. Drape long pieces of tulle from one corner of a room to the opposite corner, and run a second piece along the other two corners of the room. Run white Christmas tree lights, also known as twinkle lights, behind the tulle. Then, decorate the corners with clusters of balloons in a similar color.


Look for arch strips, which are flexible pieces of plastic with holes that hold balloons in place. Set up the plastic pieces in an arch form, and then add the balloons to create a fast and easy balloon arch.



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