How to Light a Propane Torch

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Things You'll Need

  • Propane torch

  • Propane bottle

  • Gas torch striker

Propane torches are useful tools. The small blue flame on the end of the brass torch can be used to thaw frozen pipes, light brush fires or solder copper plumbing pipes. The small propane tank is easily found in most hardware and home stores and can be purchased at a reasonable cost. While modern propane torches use a basic self- ignition system, and light with a press of a button, older models must be lit using an external flame or ignition source. In most cases and for safety's sake, the ignition source should be a gas torch striker.


Step 1

Turn the gas feed valve on the torch body in a clockwise fashion. This will ensure that the feed valve is fully closed.

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Step 2

Insert the propane torch body into the top of the propane bottle. Screw the torch body onto the bottle in a clockwise fashion. Turn the torch body until it firmly seats against the top of the bottle connector.


Step 3

Grab the gas torch striker in one hand. Squeeze the two metal handles together. Note the orange sparks from inside the metal cup at the end of the handles. Test the striker once more to ensure that the striker is making good contact, and plenty of sparks are emitted.

Step 4

Open the gas feed valve on the propane torch one-half turn. Listen for the gas coming from the end of the torch head; a hissing sound should be heard.


Step 5

Place the metal cup of the striker near the end of the torch head. Squeeze the metal handles together. The torch should now be ignited. If not, squeeze the handle together a few more times until the torch ignites. You may have to open the valve a little more to emit more gas for ignition. Various brands of propane torches may emit different amounts of gas.

Step 6

Open the gas feed valve to adjust the length and intensity of the blue flame.


Never use a plastic disposable lighter to ignite a propane torch. The flame from the propane torch can melt and ignite the disposable lighter. The lighter can then explode in your hand.



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