How to Remove Red Ink Out of Clothes

As if an ink stain wasn't bad enough, a red ink stain seems to blare from your apparel, making it all the more noticeable. From a forgotten pen in your pocket as it goes into the wash to a careless brush with a pen across your clothing, ink stains happen. Fortunately as easily as these stains make their way onto our clothes they are just as easily removed. With a few items you may already have at hand ink stains can be eliminated.

Things You'll Need

  • Bowl

  • Milk

  • White vinegar

  • Cornstarch

Milk Method

Step 1

Pour milk into a bowl.

Step 2

Place the section of the garment with the stain into the milk.

Step 3

Allow the stain to soak in the milk for at least an hour.

Step 4

Change out the milk as it becomes inky and repeat with fresh milk until the stain is gone.

Step 5

Rinse the area under running water and launder immediately.

Vinegar and Cornstarch Method

Step 1

Mix together white vinegar and cornstarch into a thick paste.

Step 2

Lay the garment flat with the stain facing up.

Step 3

Dampen the stain with white vinegar.

Step 4

Apply the paste to the stain with a clean cloth.

Step 5

Allow the paste to dry and launder the garment as usual.


These methods are safe for washable items, but may not be safe for garments made of wool, leather and silk. Consult with a professional dry cleaner about safer methods for these types of apparel.


Do not place the garment into the dryer until the stain is completely gone or the heat may set the stain in.

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