How to Hang a String of Lights Over a Curtain

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Things You'll Need

  • String lighting

  • Extension cord

  • Light clips

  • Stool

String of Christmas Lights

Hanging strings of lights indoors during the holiday season is a common tradition in the United States. However, many people use strings of lights to decorate the interiors of their homes all throughout the year. With indoor string lighting, there are necessary safety precautions to follow. It is important to read directions carefully, and be aware of potential fire hazards.

Step 1

Purchase string lighting that is safe for indoor use. Read the box carefully, and do not purchase lights that do not include this information.

Step 2

Plug in string of lights to make sure all the bulbs light up. Replace any burnt-out bulbs with extra bulbs found inside packaging. Check for frayed wires, as well.

Step 3

Plug the string of lights into an extension cord. Plug the extension cord into a GFCI wall outlet to ensure the extension cord works properly. GFCI outlets are usually standard in modern homes and can be identified by their test and reset buttons. A regular outlet will not have these buttons.

Step 4

Stand on a stool if the curtain valance is too high to reach. Attach stringed lights to the curtain valance using standard, all-purpose light clips. If the valance is too thick, simply attach clips to the curtain fabric. Place one clip every 12 to 15 inches.

Step 5

Hide the excess string on string lighting. A 3- to 4-foot portion of the string lighting will not include lights. Tuck this area behind the side of the curtain, and use clips to secure it into place.


Always unplug lights before going to bed.


Not using a GFCI outlet may cause a fire hazard.

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