How to Freeze Chewing Gum to Keep it Fresh

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Things You'll Need

  • Zip-lock freezer bag

  • Soda straw

  • Freezer

Fresh Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a low moisture product and is non-reactive, meaning it does not react chemically with other substances. For these reasons it is not required by law to be labeled with an expiration date. It will maintain flavor quality and texture for up to a year if held at a low moisture, low heat and non-fluctuating temperature. Flavor will diminish and the texture will become crumbly beyond this period although the gum is still safe to chew. Freezing gum will retain its freshness for an extended period of time if the freezing process is done correctly.


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Step 1

Start with fresh chewing gum. Purchase gum from a high volume retail store. Inspect each package to make certain the gum is soft and yields slightly to the touch.

Step 2

Package the chewing gum in zip-lock freezer bags by the following method; lay a zip-lock bag out flat on the counter-top and fill it end to end and top to bottom with only one layer of chewing gum packages.

Step 3

Insert an ordinary soda straw into the open end of the package all the way to one side. Zip the bag closed until the closure is up against the straw. Lean down and draw all the air out of the bag through the straw until the bag seals tightly over the packages of gum. Maintain the drawing pressure on the straw and pull it out of the bag while simultaneously zipping the bag closed. Do not allow more air to get into the bag.


Step 4

Freeze the chewing gum in a freezer that does not have long defrosting cycles or heavy frost build-up. Store the gum in the back of the freezer away from the door and out of line of the air vent so temperature changes do not affect it when the door is opened or the freezer cycles.

Step 5

Experiment with different lengths of time that the gum is kept frozen and is still at its peak of freshness when chewed. This will determine the average time-frame that the gum can be kept frozen and will depend in large part upon the equipment that is used.


Use quality zip-lock freezer bags for best results. It is possible that some varieties or flavors will not freeze as well as others and this will need to be determined by trial and error.


Experiment with small quantities of gum initially and make certain the process is correct and the freezer is adequate to keep the gum fresh before investing a lot of money in frozen gum.