How to Clean Coveralls

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Things You'll Need

  • Washing machine

  • Dryer

  • Laundry detergent

  • Water

  • Basin

  • Soft scrub brush

Coveralls can be cleaned in a few simple steps.

Coveralls are designed to protect your skin and clothing from dirt, grime and even harmful elements in your work area such as pesticides or chemicals. These are worn by anyone from construction workers, to pest control workers, to laboratory workers. Since coveralls are typically worn in an environment that produces residue and buildup, you must clean the coveralls regularly. By determining the proper cleaning procedure for your particular coverall fabric, you can implement a cleaning routine that will effectively remove dirt and residue without deteriorating the quality of your coveralls.


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Step 1

Read the care instruction label on the coveralls. This can typically be found along an inside seam. Determine if the label specifies machine washing or hand washing.

Step 2

Fill the washing machine with hot water and your normal laundry detergent if the coveralls are machine washable. If the label recommends hand washing, fill a basin or bathtub with enough hot water to submerge the coveralls. Pour in 1 capful of your regular laundry detergent.


Step 3

Place the coveralls in the washing machine or tub of water. Allow the washing machine to run its full cycle, or scrub the coveralls by hand. Dip a soft scrub brush into the soapy water and scrub over the entire coveralls.

Step 4

Drain the water from the bathtub or basin, then rinse with fresh, clean hot water. This will remove any soap or dirt. Wring out as much water as possible, as this will speed up the drying process.


Step 5

Remove the coveralls from the washing machine or tub area, and follow the drying instructions. Typically, it will be recommended that you either dry the coveralls in a dryer on a low heat, tumble dry setting, or you will be instructed to hang dry. Either method will prevent the coveralls from shrinking.


Always wash coveralls separately from other pieces of laundry. This will prevent dirt, pesticides, or other harmful elements from becoming attached to other pieces of clothing.



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