How to Make a Rug Beater

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Things You'll Need

  • Willow branches

  • Heavy twine

  • Scissors

  • Wooden tube or dowel with a hollow center about 3 inches in diameter


Before the advent of vacuum cleaning, rug beating was the preferred method for getting dust and debris out of rugs. Vacuums can pull and loosen rug fibers so using a beater is a great way to get dust, debris and other matter out of your rugs without damaging them. Rug beaters are particularly good for dealing with antique rugs whose fibers and materials are delicate and prone to damage. Making your own rug beater is a relatively simple process that can be carried out with materials you may already have on hand.


Step 1

Collect five willow branches, about 2 feet in length.

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Step 2

Bend each of the branches in half and secure them at the ends with loops of heavy twine. Once secured the branches should have a teardrop shape. The ends of each branch should all be the same length as the handle.


Step 3

Cluster all of the bent branches together and bind the ends together using heavy twine.

Step 4

Bend the branches so that they take the shape that you want your rug beater to have. The best shape is one that mimics a clover with one teardrop in the center and two on either side.


Step 5

Allow the branches to dry completely.

Step 6

Cut a length of twine three times the length of your wooden tube and tie it to the ends of your cluster of branches.

Step 7

Slide the twine into the tube, and use it to pull the ends of the branches up part of the way into the tube. Only the ends of the branches should be inside the tube, leaving the bent pieces just outside the tube.


Step 8

Pull the length of twine out of the top of the wooden tube and pull it firmly down toward the branches.

Step 9

Wrap the twine around the branches just below their entrance to the tube. This should secure the handle to the branches and make it easy to use.


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