How to Add a Blower to a Wood Stove

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Adding a blower to a wood stove is a great way to spread the heat generated from the stove to the surrounding room. A blower will greatly increase the efficiency of the wood stove because it distributes the heat to the entire room rather than just the immediate area in front of the stove. Installing a blower is only moderately difficult, and it should take only about an hour once you've consulted a specialist for the proper blower for your stove.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Heavy-Duty Vacuum Or Shop Vac

  • Lubricant

Preparing the Wood Stove for a Blower

Step 1

Make sure the stove is cool to the touch. Open the stove's insert. This is where you will install the blower. Unscrew the insert cover and save the screws. You will need them to reattach the cover. Ensure that the power supply is disconnected to the area where the blower is being installed.

Step 2

Prepare the stove for wiring. Pass the 110/120 VAC service wire from the stove's junction control box through the opening of the blower and attach it to the blower's clamp.

Step 3

Clean the space as thoroughly as possible. Use a brush to get into all of the cracks and corners.

Installing the New Blower

Step 1

Speak with someone who has an extensive knowledge of wood stoves and wood stove blowers. This person will be able to tell you which blower is best for your stove.

Step 2

Wire the new blower's motor to the wires from the control junction box. Connect the black wires together, the white wires together, and the ground wire to the junction box ground stud.

Step 3

Place the blower near the rear of the stove, about a half-inch from the back.

Step 4

Set the blower's motor in the proper blower space. The support brackets will hold the blower's motor in place. Screw the motor in tightly. This will ensure that the motor does not created unwanted noise through vibration.

Step 5

Turn on the motor to the blower to make sure that it works. Screw on the cover plate.

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