How to Make a Crinoline for a Poodle Skirt

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

  • 1-inch wide ribbon

  • Velcro or other burr-fastener tape

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Tulle

  • Straight sewing pins

Making your own poodle skirt crinoline is easy—the materials are inexpensive and readily available at any fabric store. Since very little (if any) is meant to show, you don't have to be an expert seamstress either. If you intend for the bottom of the crinoline to show beneath your poodle skirt, you can have fun with the color of the tulle; try something other than white for an unexpected flair.


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Assemble the Components

Measure Your Waist

Measure your waist with a tape measure, and add 1 inch for the waistband overlap for your poodle skirt crinoline. Cut a strip of 1-inch wide ribbon to this measurement.


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Cut the Velcro or Burr Tape

Cut a square of Velcro or other burr-fastener tape that's 1 inch long by 1 inch wide. Note that the tape is made up of two sides: one with tiny, pointy hooks and one with soft, raised loops.

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Sew to Join the Tape and Ribbon

Use a needle and thread to sew the pointy hook side of the tape to the underside of the left end of your ribbon.

Secure the Tape Ends

Sew the other side of the tape square to the top side of the right end of your ribbon. Be sure that when placed around your waist, the two sides of the tape "grab" each other and hold the waistband in place.


Calculate the Tulle You'll Need

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Use your waist measurement (including the inch added for waistband overlap) to determine how much tulle to buy. The more layers of tulle you sew to your waistband, the fluffier your crinoline will be. If you want five layers of tulle, for example, multiply your waist measurement by five and divide by 36 (the number of inches in a yard). The result is the number of yards of tulle you'll need to buy for five layers.


Cut the Tulle to Fit

Cut the tulle into strips that are each as long as your waistband.

Sew the Crinoline Together

Stack and Pin the Tulle

Stack your layers of tulle, and pin them to the bottom of your waistband using straight sewing pins.


Stitch the Tulle to the Waistband

Sew the tulle onto the waistband. Don't worry about your stitches being neat or clean—they won't show. You just need to make sure each layer is attached to the waistband.

Trim the Crinoline's Bottom

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Trim the bottom of your crinoline to the desired length. It's up to you whether it peeks out from the bottom of your poodle skirt crinoline.


Tulle -- the best crinoline yardage -- is sold in several widths; the most common are 54 inch and 72 inch. Depending on the desired length of your poodle skirt crinoline, you may be able to cut two strips of tulle from a 72-inch width. If you can do this, it will cut your yardage requirement in half, thereby saving you money as well as some of your time and effort.


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