How to Remove the Cylinder From a Kwikset

When you need to rekey locks on your Kwikset lock handles, you will need to remove the cylinders. The best way to remove cylinders is with the appropriate plug removal tool and plug follower. A removal tool is designed to remove specific parts of the locking mechanism. The follower is a tube the same diameter as the cylinder plug. The follower pushes the cylinder through the lock and fills the area that the cylinder fits into.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Plug-removal tool

  • Plug follower


Step 1

Remove the deadbolt lock from the door. Usually there are two screws on the inside portion of the deadbolt lock face. Remove those two screws and the deadbolt will pull away from both sides of the door. The bolt mechanism does not need to be removed.

Step 2

Hold the cylinder side of the lock in your hand with the inside of the lock facing you. Remove the clip on the side of the plug with a flat-head screwdriver or plug-removal tool. The clip will release from the plug as you move the clip side to side.

Step 3

Insert the key into the lock cylinder and turn the key ¼-turn clockwise. Insert a plug follower on the end of the cylinder and slowly push the cylinder out of the lock with the plug follower. A plug follower is a tube that is the same diameter as the cylinder you are pushing out of the lock.

Door Knobs

Step 1

Remove the door knob from the door and place the outside cylinder knob in your hand. Most door knobs, just like deadbolts, secure with two inside screws. The bolt and latch mechanism do not need to be removed from the door.

Step 2

Insert the point end of a plug removal tube into the center of the spindle. Rotate the spindle until the tab lines up with one of the stems. The stem is the portion of the door knob that the securing screws thread into when installing the knob.

Step 3

Insert the small end of the plug removal tool under the spring housing. The spring housing is the plate around the bottom of the spindle. Push in firmly on the retainer under the housing while holding the knob. Point the knob down and the spindle will fall away from the knob.

Step 4

Place the plug-removal tool at an angle along the half spindle that remains in the lock and press down to release the cylinder casing from the knob.

Step 5

Insert the key into the cylinder and turn the key clockwise at a 45-degree angle. Place the plug follower behind the cylinder and push the cylinder out of the lock.


You can purchase lock tools from home improvement centers or directly from Kwikset.

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