How Do I Braid Palm Fronds?

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 long palm fronds

  • Glue or clear tape

Braid palm fronds into a long plait and use the braid for various decorating projects.

Use your palm fronds to create a variety of different plaiting and braiding creations. Because of the length and flexibility of palm fronds, they are ideal for creating beautiful décor. Use four strands to braid palm fronds into an attractive flat plait. Although the braiding pattern may seem complicated, once you learn it you will be ready to make long plaits of palm fronds to make decorations and ornaments for your home.


Step 1

Fold the palm fronds in half lengthwise to make them narrower, if you desire. This step is optional as you can also braid thicker palm fronds.

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Step 2

Take one palm frond and fold it in a 45-degree angle at the center of the frond. This fold will create a "V" shape out of your frond.


Step 3

Keep the second palm frond straight and tuck it inside the V-shaped palm frond at the halfway point so equal portions of the straight frond extend straight out from the V-shaped frond.

Step 4

Fold the frond on the far left behind the frond to the right of it. Fold it at an angle so it ends up beside the next frond to the right at the same diagonal angle. You should now have one frond on the left and three fronds on the right.


Step 5

Fold the frond on the far right diagonally over the frond immediately to its left and place it under the next frond. You now have two fronds on each side in a large V shape.

Step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5 to continue braiding the palm fronds until you reach the ends of the fronds.

Step 7

Secure the ends of the palm fronds with glue or tape if you desire.



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