How to Stop a Door From Squeaking

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When a door squeaks as you open or close it, the source of its problem is most likely the hinges holding it onto the door frame. The squeaking results from friction that is placed on the hinge as the door is moved back and forth, so your task is focused on reducing the amount of friction the hinge undergoes. Fortunately, you can fix this issue with a few simple tools and a willing helper.


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Things You'll Need

  • Steel Wool

  • Flathead Screwdriver Or Chisel

  • Penetrating Oil (Spray Type With Tube Attachment For Nozzle)

  • Dry Cloth

  • Helper

  • Silicone Spray

  • Hammer

Step 1

Open the squeaky door. Recruit your helper to help hold the door in place and locate the hinge pin on the top door hinge. It will be located between the two flat plates of the hinge. Place the end of a flat head screwdriver or a chisel underneath the top of the hinge pin.

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Step 2

Make sure your helper is supporting the door so it won't droop and place too much weight on the hinges once you loosen the pin. Hold the screwdriver or chisel in place under the top of the hinge pin and tap the top of it lightly with a hammer to produce a lever action that will push the pin partially up out of the hole.


Step 3

Shake the can of penetrating oil and insert the small tube included with the oil into the spray nozzle. Press down on the spray nozzle to apply the oil to the hinge pin and the inside of the hinge. Wipe any excess oil away with the dry cloth. Move the door carefully back and forth to lubricate the hinge. Take notice of whether or not the squeaking has stopped.


Step 4

Repeat Steps 1 to 3 with the bottom door hinge. If the squeaking is still occurring, proceed to Step 5. If the squeaking is no longer present, tap the hinge pins back into the door hinges with some light taps from the hammer. Have your helper support the door and tap the pin back into the bottom hinge first, followed by the top pin.


Step 5

Ask your helper to support the door as you pull the hinge pins the rest of the way out of the hinge holder with your hand. Make note of which hinge pin fit where as you remove it. Wipe the oil off the pins and scrub each pin with a piece of steel wool to smooth and refine the surface. Scrub the hinges and the hinge holder (still attached to the door and jamb) with the steel wool, as well.


Step 6

Spray the hinge pins, hinge and hinge holder with a light coating of silicone spray. Replace the hinge pins by putting them back into their correct slot and tapping lightly with a hammer until each one is back in the door.


Never spray your lockset with silicone spray or penetrating oil. It can cause it to gum up.



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