How to Combine Two Different Styles of In-Home Carpet

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You don't have to limit yourself to one style of carpet.

Carpeting is comfortable to walk and sit on, and there are endless choices of colors and textures. If you've chosen several styles of carpet for rooms within your home, you'll likely be faced with the challenge of transitioning from one to the other between rooms or at the entry to a foyer, hall or stairs. There are several ways to combine two different styles of carpet without an awkward transition.


Step 1

Opt for a simple seam between carpet styles. Your carpet installer can cut the two types of carpet and install them so that they meet at a flush, clean seam. Typically this seam occurs at a doorway opening, so it will be only a few feet wide. This option works well for carpets that are dramatically different in color and texture, and for less public areas of your home, such as hall to bedroom transitions.


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Step 2

Install a transition strip, available in rubber, vinyl and wood. Depending on the thickness of your two carpets, choose a transition that won't cause anyone to trip and potentially injure themselves. The best transition strip between different types of carpets is a threshold made of wood or stone. Install a strip the width of the door or wall opening to bridge the two styles of carpet. The result is a defined edge that adds a polished look to your space.


Step 3

Combine carpet styles to make a design statement. Rather than delegating the two carpet styles to different spaces, try combining them together for a dramatic look. Use one carpet style as a border, and use a lighter or more simple carpet as the main field color for the room. Define a conversation area in a living space by using a different color or texture of carpet, much like a rug.


For particularly challenging layouts, consult an interior designer to help you decide how to transition between carpet styles.

Hire a professional to install the carpet to insure that the seams are as neat as possible, unless you have prior experience installing carpet.

Use furniture or rugs to disguise or distract from awkward carpet style transitions.



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