How to Replace the Belt on a Panasonic Vacuum

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Panasonic vacuum cleaners use a power brush to loosen dirt and debris trapped in carpet and other fabrics. The power brush is rotated by a rubber belt, which is spun by a motor pulley. In time, the belt will wear down, reducing the effectiveness of the power brush. An indication that the belt has worn down is the presence of a strong rubber smell when operating the cleaner. Replace the belt to return your Panasonic vacuum cleaner to full effectiveness.


Step 1

Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and turn the cleaner over, so that the bottom of the power nozzle is facing up.

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Step 2

Turn the three locking tabs to the right (to the "Unlock" position). The tabs are located in a straight line, above the power brush.

Step 3

Pull the lower plate off of the power nozzle to expose the belt area, which is located on the left side of the power nozzle.

Step 4

Grip both ends of the power brush and lift it out of the nozzle.


Step 5

Slide the old belt off of the power brush and the motor pulley, and dispose of it properly. If the belt was broken, ensure you have removed all of the broken pieces out of the power nozzle.

Step 6

Wrap the replacement belt around the motor pulley and stretch it over the groove in the power brush. The belt should rest in the middle of the motor pulley and in the middle of the groove in the power brush.


Step 7

Place the power brush back in the power nozzle and spin it by hand, to ensure the brush moves freely. Adjust the belt to the middle of the motor pulley and the power nozzle groove, as needed.

Step 8

Replace the lower plate by sliding the tabs on the front of the lower plate into the slots on the power nozzle and pressing down on the back of the plate. Turn the locking tabs to the left to secure the lower plate.

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