Bucket Over Door Trick Directions

Classic practical jokes are like anchovies: people either love them or hate them, but there's no middle ground. One of the oldest, simplest pranks is the bucket booby trap. You've seen it in a thousand different movies and TV shows: An unwary person strolls innocently through a doorway, only to be drenched or covered by the contents of the bucket. The bucket door trick is as simple to set up as it is to enjoy; just make sure you know who is going to be first through that door.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bucket

  • Confetti

  • Small bells

  • Stepstool (optional)

Step 1

Fill a plastic bucket with confetti, small bells or any other lightweight, non-harmful substance. You can also use water, if you are an adult and are responsible for cleaning up your own messes.

Step 2

Open the door about as wide as half the diameter of the bucket.

Step 3

Balance the bucket with its bottom on top of the door. Use the step stool to reach it, if you have to. Make sure that the bucket is slightly off-balance and leaning on the top of the door jamb. If you just balance it on the door, you can't necessarily control which way it falls.

Step 4

Stand back and wait -- the first person through the door is in for quite a surprise.


Have an escape route in mind, in case the first person through the door is not a fan of practical jokes.


Never use a galvanized bucket or anything else heavy.

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