How to Remove White Stuff on a Fiberglass Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Pumice stone

  • Soft brush or nylon scouring pad

  • General purpose calcium remover

  • Diluted white vinegar

  • No-drain acid wash system, optional

Maintaining a great looking fiberglass pool requires keeping the water in balance by saturating it with minerals and keeping it clean to avoid the growth of algae and bacteria. However, such high maintenance is nearly impossible and white calcium deposits, also called scale, are probable. Remove that nasty white stuff to keep your pool looking its best.


Step 1

Rub a pumice stone on small areas of calcium scale.

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Step 2

Lower your CSI, or calcium saturation index, to -0.8 and use a soft brush or nylon scouring pad to aggressively rub away the deposits for mild cases. A general purpose calcium remover or a solution of white vinegar and a little water can also aid in your scrubbing away of these deposits. Avoid using stiff or abrasive brushes, as these will damage the finish on your pool.


Step 3

Use a no-drain acid wash system if calcium scale is severe. If your pool has a heater, it must be bypassed when using such systems.

Step 4

Contact your pool manufacturer if your pool must be completely drained and acid washed to remove the worst cases of calcium scale.

Step 5

Maintain a calcium hardness level of 200-250 to prevent calcium scale from returning on your fiberglass pool.



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