How to Change Bags on a Panasonic Vacuum

Panasonic has been making quality vacuum cleaners that help consumers remove dirt and dust from their homes for years. With the trend toward bagless vacuum cleaners, some of the older bagged vacuums may seem old-fashioned and woefully obsolete; however, these vacuums continue to work effectively. If you have a bagged Panasonic vacuum, change the bag when it reaches capacity to keep your vacuum operating properly.

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Upright Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner

Remove the outer cover that houses the vacuum cleaner bag by pulling it out and up sharply. Set the cover aside.

Remove the full vacuum cleaner bag by pulling firmly on the cardboard that surrounds the hole that fits over the vacuum cleaner.

Discard the full vacuum cleaner bag without squeezing it to avoid dispelling dust into the air.

Take the new vacuum cleaner bag and flatten it down firmly on a flat surface.

Find the cardboard square that surrounds the hole in the vacuum cleaner bag. Push this square around the vacuum cleaner tube inside the bag compartment. The hole in the cardboard will fit snugly around this tube. Push the cardboard square onto the tube as far as possible.

Replace the outer cover onto the vacuum cleaner by fitting the lower edge first and then pushing the top edge in firmly until it clicks.

Canister Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner

Lift the outer cover by pulling it straight up until it clicks into open position.

Remove the full vacuum cleaner bag by pulling it up and out of the vacuum cleaner. Grasp the cardboard square firmly to pull it out.

Discard the full vacuum cleaner bag.

Place the new bag into the vacuum by pushing the cardboard square over the tube inside the vacuum cleaner. Push the cardboard square down firmly around the tube.

Push the outer cover closed and snap it into place.


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