How to Install Twin Blades on a Honda Lawn Mower

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Installing new blades in your Honda lawn mower will improve your lawn's look.

Honda lawn mowers have twin blade systems, which create finer cuts that allow you to change the bag less often. If you have one of these well-designed products, you will eventually need to know how to remove Honda mower blades when it comes time to change or sharpen them. Having sharp blades is the best way to get a high-quality cut. It also saves a lot of time when compared to using old or dull blades.


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Honda HRX Blade Change

Honda's HRX models are its top-of-the-line mowers. These mowers feature their MicroCut twin blade system. For a Honda HRX blade change, you should first turn off the mower's fuel valve and remove the spark plug cap. Carefully lay the mower on its side with the fuel cap facing up. This will prevent any fuel from leaking out.

Whenever you are working on lawn mowers, be sure to wear protective gloves to shield your hands and arms from the blades. Next, check out the condition of the blades. If they are merely dull, they can be sharpened and reused. However, should they be rusty, corroded, bent, broken or cracked, then it is time to change them.


Remove Honda Lawn Mower Blades

To remove Honda mower blades, get a wooden block for support and use a 14-millimeter socket wrench to remove the bolts, turning them counterclockwise as you are working. Clean out any grass and dirt from the blades' mounting area before proceeding.

A Honda lawn mower blade torque should be 36 to 43 feet per pound using a torque wrench. If you do not own this type of wrench, it is best to take the mower to an authorized dealer for service. Use the wooden block as a support, as this will stop the blades from turning as you are tightening.


Honda Mower Blades Tips

These blade bolts can loosen or come off if they are not tightened enough. On the other hand, they can also break if they are overtightened. This is dangerous because in either case, the blades could actually fly off from the mower while you are using it. So, if you want to remove and replace lawn mower blades yourself, it is wise to invest in a good torque wrench. These tools control and apply specific torque to bolts and nuts and are worth the investment.

If the blades can be sharpened well enough to keep using them, you will not need to buy new ones. You will need to clamp them into a vise and sharpen them with a file or wheel. Otherwise, a bench grinder will work. Be sure to sharpen the top side of your cutting edge since the rest of the blade does not need to be that sharp to work effectively. Since blades are made of steel, be careful not to use too much heat. Allow the blades to cool off for 20 to 30 seconds between each pass.


Finally, sharpened lawn mower blades need to be checked for balance afterward. You can buy a blade balancer or simply hang the blade onto a nail. If it tilts either way, file some of the metal from the heavier side. Only file a little bit at a time, checking until the blade sits nice and even on the balancer or nail.