How to Use Borax on Laminate to Get Rid of Fleas

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Things You'll Need

  • Borax

  • Water

  • Mop

  • Bucket

Getting rid fleas on laminate requires repetitive treatments.

Getting rid of fleas can be challenging. The reason is that the life cycle of the flea goes through several stages; most pesticides don't kill fleas in the egg and pupa stage in the flea life cycle. So these parts of the life cycle can last for weeks or months. In fact, the pupa stage may last as long as a year before the flea adult emerges from its protective cocoon. Borax, derived from boric acid, is found at home improvement and gardening stores and can eradicate fleas on laminate floors.


Step 1

Treat pets immediately with a veterinarian-approved flea killer. There are many products on the market, such as Comfortis, that kill fleas within a half an hour on pets.

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Step 2

Remove pets from the infested area.


Step 3

Vacuum thoroughly. Flea eggs are not sticky and will fall off pets. You don't want to wipe the floors before you vacuum because you may sweep the eggs into crevices, making it more difficult to eradicate the pests. Vacuum all furniture and drapery. Throw the vacuum bag away after vacuuming (fleas have been known to crawl out of the bag and back into your home).


Step 4

Mix one part Borax with two parts water in the bucket. Mop the laminate floor with the Borax solution. Allow to dry.

Step 5

Place Borax powder in areas where pets and children will not get to it. This includes behind the refrigerator, under heavy furniture and along walls behind entertainment units.


Step 6

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 daily for at least two weeks. This should kill any eggs that hatch during the time frame. Once you are past the initial phase, you may want to continue with a Borax mopping of your floors at least once a week for several months to be sure no adults are emerging from pupa.


Mopping your laminate floors with Borax will not only eradicate flea infestation but is a recommended mopping solution for laminate floors to leave them clean and shiny.


Your pet may develop a loss of appetite, irregular stool and otherwise become sick if they ingest too much Borax. Make sure any powder is out of reach of pets. Borax shouldn't be used if you have a self-grooming animal such as a cat. Seek veterinarian aid if your pet becomes ill.

Prolonged exposure to Borax may result in dermatitis, conjunctivitis and anemia in pets and humans. While eradicating fleas, be aware of any health changes in your family.

Borax is a chemical and should be stored out of reach of pets and children.



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