How to Get Rid of Crab Spiders

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Spiders are unwelcome visitors in most households.

Crab spiders are found all over the world in multiple varieties. The crab spider does not spin a web but catches prey with its front legs. While most spiders are harmless to humans, it is unpleasant to have them in your house crawling around without your knowledge. Spiders tend to stay in dark, out of the way places, so the majority of the spiders in your house never enter your sight. Eliminating crab spiders is similar to eliminating most household pests.


Step 1

Eliminate clutter. Crab spiders are fond of dark spaces and corners. The fewer places you make for them to hide the more likely it is they will find someplace else to live. Keep closets and cupboards tidy. Vacuum under and behind furniture and in corners.

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Step 2

Clean up food spills. Dirty kitchens, crumbs in the couch and under the table attract insects. Insects provide food for spiders. If you eliminate the food source for ants and other insects, the spiders will have nothing to eat.

Step 3

Capture or squish spiders you come across in your home. Spiders eat insects and are an essential part of the food chain. It is best to capture the spider by placing a glass upside down over the spider and sliding a piece of paper under the glass. Take the glass and spider outdoors and turn it loose.


Step 4

Place glue traps in the corners of your house. The spiders will be trapped in the glue. There are also sprays and powders for eliminating spiders. Spray or dust in corners, behind and under furniture and around areas you have seen spiders. Be careful using sprays or powders if you have indoor pets or small children.

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