How to Run Well Pressure Tanks in a Series

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 pressure tanks

  • Pipe

  • Fittings

  • Pressure gauge

  • Pipe glue

  • Thread-seal tape

Pressure tanks on wells allow the pressure to remain constant while saving needless wear and tear on the pump. If you are using a large amount of water, a single pressure tank may not be enough to keep your pump from turning off and on at a respectable interval. This type of problem is more relevant when watering a large yard or irrigating a garden rather than normal household usage.


Step 1

Set the two pressure tanks side by side in your well house with the connections facing in the same direction. Both connections should face forward towards the main pipeline from the well. This pipeline will normally run through the center of the well house.

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Step 2

Connect pipe from the well to the two pressure tanks. Use a T-shaped pipe fitting from the well to reach the first pressure tank, then a second T-shaped fitting to pipe to the second tank. The type and size of pipe from the well and pressure tank connection will dictate the sizes and types of fittings necessary to connect both tanks to the main line. Glue all of the fittings together after a trial fit.


Step 3

Install the pressure switch on the second tank. If you put it on the pressure tank closest to the well, the second pressure tank will not operate correctly. Install the pressure switch on the tank that is the last one of the series. This will keep the pressure stable in both tanks. Only one pressure switch is needed. Install the pressure switch using thread-seal tape or paste to ensure a tight connection with no leaks.


Step 4

Ensure that the pressure from both tanks fall evenly when the level drops enough for the pump to switch on. The pump in the well should not come on for a full minute when the tanks are full and the valve is completely opened.


Be sure the air bladders in the pressure tanks are fully charged.

Check frequently for leaks at all of the joints for the first hour after turning the pump on and pressurizing the lines.


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