How to Make a Bubbler With a Water Bottle

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic water bottle (16 oz. minimum)

  • Utility knife (precision knife)

  • Water pipe bowl

  • Silly Putty

  • Loose tobacco

  • Lighter

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A bubbler is a smoking device similar to a water pipe. The function of a bubbler is to filter tobacco smoke through water so you are inhaling ultra-filtered and chilled smoke. While no form of smoking eliminates the risks associated with inhaling tobacco, bubblers can help reduce the amount of lung irritation by its cooling properties. If you are trying to quit smoking, visit your local health department to discover the newest smoking cessation therapies.


Step 1

Gather an empty plastic water bottle that is at least 16 ounces, a utility knife, water pipe bowl and sticky putty.

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Step 2

Puncture a small hole with the utility knife approximately 3- to 4-inches below the mouth of the water bottle. Carefully, continue to puncture the side of the water bottle into the shape of a plus sign. Make sure that the plus sign is no larger than 4 cm from top to bottom and from side to side. Create a small hole at the top of the water bottle to help create airflow when the bowl is sealed to the side of the bottle; this hole works as the bubbler's carb or airflow manager.

Step 3

Insert the water pipe bowl into the small plus sign punctures, the stem of the bowl should slide into the bottle like a straw sliding into a lid.

Step 4

Apply the Silly Putty around the bowl where the stem enters the bottle to create an airtight seal. The Silly Putty will not only seal the edges of the stem for fluid airflow, but it will also secure the bowl to the water bottle.


Step 5

Add cold water through the mouthpiece until three-quarters of the stem is submerged in water. Test the water level by placing your lips on the mouthpiece of the water bottle and suck in as you would if the bowl was lit. Place your finger over the small hole, or carb, while sucking in. If you are unable to obtain even and fluid airflow, empty some of the water, as this is a sign of the stem being covered by too much water.


Step 6

Pack the bowl with your tobacco and, while you light the tobacco, place your finger on the carb and suck in. Release your finger from the carb after you have accumulated enough smoke in the water bottle. Breathe in and enjoy the filtered smoke of a makeshift bubbler.


Carefully place ice cubs in the bottle before placing the bowl into the bottle. This will further chill the smoke.


Make sure that the Silly Putty covers all puncture marks around the bowl. If an airtight seal is not made around the stem of the bowl you will lose suction.


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