How to Install Foam Backed Carpet

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Things You'll Need

  • Carpet

  • Double sided tape

  • Utility knife

  • Carpet tool or bolster chisel

Foam Backed Carpet

Learning how to install foam backed carpet is a great way for you to save money on your own redecorating or remodeling projects. There are many people who enjoy carpeting in their home due to the comfortableness as well as the improved soundproofing in the room.


Although foam backed carpet is usually thought of as a cheaper alternative to a jute backed carpet is it easier to install and requires much less preparation. There are a wide variety of different foam backed carpets in a wide selection of different qualities. It's usually true that the more money you spend the higher the quality of carpeting.

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Here are easy directions on how to install foam backed carpet.

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Step 1

Prepare your floors by ripping out any carpet that you already have or laying plywood over a hardwood floor that is uneven. If you have a cement or concrete floor you may not have to do anything unless you have cracks and then you should fill those holes before installing foam backed carpet. Be sure that all debris is off the floor.


Step 2

Place double sided tape around the perimeter of the room but don't remove the backing paper on the top side yet. This tape is used to hold the carpet in position once it has been laid down.

Step 3

Unroll and roughly fit the foam backed carpet allowing the excess to extend up the walls of the room. If you have a larger room where you will need more than one piece of carpet you want to start the carpet in one large corner of the room. Be sure that you check to see that the carpet covers the entire floor before proceeding.


Step 4

Smooth the carpet flat and trim it back to only extend 1-2 inches over the baseboard or floor junction using a utility knife.

Step 5

Lift the carpet back along one wall and remove the backing paper from the double sided tape. Press the carpet firmly in place. As you work around the perimeter of the room, smooth and stretch the carpet at all the corners and walls. Be sure to press down firmly in every area to be sure that the carpet adheres to the tape.


Step 6

Trim the edges of the foam backed carpet so that it precisely fits up against the baseboard or floor junction. Use a utility knife along the edges and take care to not cut into the baseboard and damage it.

Step 7

Neaten up around the edges of the walls and corners to ensure that there are no loose ends or ill-fitting areas. Finish the installation off by using a carpet tool or bolster chisel to crease the carpet edge into the junction. This gives the carpet a finished look. You may also want to look around the edges of the foam backed carpet to see if you have any frays when you cut the edges. Trim any loose thread that you find.


If you have any seams be sure to try to join the two carpets along the factory cut edges. Place double sided tape to the floor below the edges and then press the edges firmly together in place and be sure to not overlap them or leave a gap between them.