How to Open a Grizzly Dip Can

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Gizzly Dip is a dipping tobacco or moist snuff manufactured by the American Snuff Company, which is a subsidiary of Reynolds American, Inc. The product is a smokeless tobacco, which users pinch from the dip can and place into the lining of the mouth so that nicotine is absorbed into the arteries. Opening a Grizzly Dip can is an easy task, though it should only be performed by responsible adults who are fully aware of the health risks associated with smokeless tobacco.


Step 1

Set the can of Grizzly dipping tobacco onto a table or other stable surface.

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Step 2

Remove the protective seal covering the middle portion of the dipping can. Not all Grizzly Dip cans have this protective seal, but if one is present, it will be in the form of a paper-like tape. Simply peal back the tape from the can until the plastic rim covering the top of the can is exposed.


Step 3

With two fingers, gently peel back the top plastic cover of the Grizzly dipping tobacco. If the can that you are opening has already been used, this will be your final step, as the protective seal will have already been removed. If the can is new, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4

Feel around the lip of the can for the protective freshness seal. Using your fingernail, lift the edge of the seal and gently pull it back in the opposite direction. Discard any protective seal after you have removed it, and always remember to cover the can of dipping tobacco when you are finished removing the amount you want to use at the time.


According to the American Cancer Organization, while smokeless tobacco is less lethal than smoking cigarettes, there are serious health risks associated with the products, including mouth cancer.



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