How to Increase Heat Pump Efficiency

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Things You'll Need

  • Heat pump filter

  • Mastic sealant

  • Metal tape

  • Programmable thermostat

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Heat pumps use a system of moving warm air to either the inside or the outside of your home depending on the time of year. Heat pumps do not generate heat like a furnace, so they are more cost effective. Poorly installed heat pumps or reduced air flow because of leaks in the duct work, decrease the efficiency of a heat pump. Knowing what to look for and what to fix on your heat pump keeps the system working effectively for years.


Step 1

Check the filter on your heat pump monthly during the winter and summer months when the system is working hardest.

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Step 2

Change the filter on the heat pump if it looks dirty. Dirty filters decrease air flow, causing the system to work harder and use more electricity.

Step 3

Check the duct work for leaks in the attic, basement or crawlspace. A professional can test air flow leakage rates. Have your professional fix leaks or you may fix them yourself by sealing leaks with a mastic sealant or metal tape.

Step 4

Service the heat pump once a year. Call a professional to check the refrigerant charge on your heat pump and make sure all parts of the system are working correctly.


Step 5

Place the outside unit of the heat pump in a location that is protected from high winds. A hedge or fence blocking the high wind may help, but do not fully enclose the unit, as it needs free flowing air to function properly.

Step 6

Install a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set temperatures for certain times of the day or night, saving energy costs. A home's temperature can be lowered during the day when no one is home, and the programmable thermostat can be set to turn up the heat shortly before the first resident is due home.


Do not use duct tape to seal air leaks. Duct tape does not last long and needs to be replaced more often than metal tape.


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