How to Bake Mugs After Using Markers

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You can customize a coffee mug with porcelain paint to create a thoughtful, practical gift for someone else or a personalized cup for yourself. Porcelain paints come in as many colors as oil paints and can be applied with a brush or with a porcelain paint pen, or marker. Once they are heat-set, these paints won't fade or wash away. Properly bake the mug after applying the paint, and you will have a beautiful, dishwasher-safe mug.


Step 1

Apply the paint from the marker to the mug free-hand, paint a stamp to apply the paint, or use a stencil. Create any design you like, from a name or phrase, to snowflakes or autumn leaves, to portraits of pets or famous people. You could also create abstract shapes with contrasting bright colors.

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Step 2

Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours. This ensures the paint has time to set all the way through. The colors may run or fade if you try to bake the mug before the paint has dried thoroughly.


Step 3

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and set your mug on a cookie sheet for easy removal after baking.


Step 4

Bake your mug for about 35 minutes, or for the time indicated in the instructions on the paint packaging.


Step 5

Remove the cookie sheet from the oven; use a pot holder to protect your hands. Allow the mug to cool to room temperature before using. The paint should feel silky, like enamel glaze.

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