How to Store Microwave Popcorn

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Microwave popcorn can be a tasty treat. However, because it is so popular, many people buy too much and have to put the leftovers away. While microwave popcorn is normally sealed to prevent staleness, the quality of the snack can suffer if it is not properly stored. With a few common-sense tips, you can make sure the microwave popcorn you have will retain its freshness when popped. There is no reason to skimp when there is a deal on a bulk sale. Just remember to observe these steps and your popcorn will continue to satisfy.


Step 1

Keep the popcorn in its original box, if possible. The packaging is designed to retain as much of the freshness in the product as possible. As soon as the outer packaging is opened, one level of protection has been sacrificed.

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Step 2

Wrap opened packages in cellophane in order to keep the individual popping bags from being exposed to moisture. One of the big threats to the individual product is high humidity. Popcorn that is in a humid environment for too long will not pop as well in the microwave as that which has been kept in a more neutral environment.

Step 3

Place the sealed popcorn away from any possible heat sources. Cabinets that are near stoves or heaters may become much warmer than you might expect. Also, basic appliances like radios and home computers can emit more heat than you might realize. Remove the microwave popcorn from these areas in order to prevent drying that can adversely affect the popping of the popcorn.


Step 4

Put the popcorn in the freezer if you do not expect to use the snack in the next several weeks. Freezing the snack will help preserve the contents for nearly an indefinite period of time. Make sure if you do this that all of the original packaging is still sealed. Even a resealed package could expose the popcorn to possible freezer damage.

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